February 2, 2023
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Data vs Insights

Data is like a puzzle - it's a collection of different pieces that don't make much sense on their own. But insights are like a completed jigsaw puzzle, where every piece fits perfectly and reveals a clear picture. Just like how a puzzle can only be enjoyed once it's completed, insights are the key to unlocking the full potential of your data.

As a data leader, you're constantly navigating through uncharted territories, feeling like you're free falling from up above. The only thing that can save you from crashing is a safety net of reliable data insights. These insights are your lifeline to success, helping you steer your business towards greater heights.

But in a world where data is abundant and insights are a dime a dozen, how can you be sure that the insights you're relying on are truly meaningful? With so much noise, it's easy to get lost in the chaos of irrelevant information. You need insights that are more than just a ton of data points, you need ones that can make a real impact on your business universe.

Put an end to Alert Fatigue

Before we presented DataGenie to our customers, most of them had a common complaint about their existing tools as the one below.

Ugh, I'm so tired of these automated so called “insights” flooding my inbox every day. And half the time they're not even useful! Most of them are just business as usual

In this specific case one of our customers shared an insight from a competitor's tool claiming a 4.77% increase in Payment Amount for Feb 2019. We analyzed the seasonal pattern in the time series data and found that the increase could simply be "business as usual" and not a useful insight at all. This is why "untamed" automated insights can lead to alert fatigue and flood users with meaningless information.

In this data-driven world, even the most seasoned business minds can feel paralyzed due to information overload. That's why we are on a mission to empower businesses with DataGenie, an AI-powered tool that mimics the analytical prowess of the smartest human analysts. With DataGenie, you'll be able to effortlessly identify patterns, correlations, and reasons behind your business metrics - just like reading Cliff's notes!

Is DataGenie yet another tool? NO!

Yes, you heard that right. Our customer would be proud to say that “NO, DataGenie isn’t yet another tool” and is the only tool we trust for simple and actionable insights.

DataGenie, our robotic insights automation solution, apes the thinking of a good analyst in identifying the most meaningful insights, separating the chaff from the grains. What remains is a prioritized list of insights that are most meaningful, impactful, and more importantly actionable for the business. We presented our perspective with a similar example as below.

In the example above, there is a clear pattern of seasonality observed and learnt by DataGenie. For example, the ~400% increase in order count (from 100k to 500k on November 6th) is never presented as an insight though it might look like a significant jump. But the unusual drop on 24th of November is construed as an insight as it is an unexpected behavior based on past patterns.

At DataGenie, we go above and beyond simply presenting insights. We strive for "story-like insights" that provide a complete analysis and actionable drivers. Our high signal-to-noise ratio sets us apart from the flood of me-too solutions in the market. With our color-coded heat maps, you can easily understand the drivers impacting your KPIs in seconds. Let us help you take your business to the next level with meaningful, prioritized insights.

The following example above shows the “WHAT”  along with “WHY” (main drivers) for Revenue change in France caused due to a drop in “Checkout Conversion Rate” driven by Returning Visitors using an iOS app.

Multi Domain 一 One tool for all your Business needs

At DataGenie, we believe in being as adaptable as water, seamlessly fitting into any industry and business. Our AI/ML stack is the most advanced in the market, capable of learning from any data set to predict and derive insights for your business.

DataGenie's intuitive and user-friendly design is a key feature that sets it apart from other augmented analytics solutions. Rather than relying solely on NLG, which can sometimes be complex and difficult to understand, DataGenie leverages the human brain's natural ability to recognize patterns. With its streamlined interface and familiar tools, DataGenie makes it easy for users to adopt and integrate the solution seamlessly into their workflows.

Get started and speak to us and we shall help you with deriving more value for your business.

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