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Get all relevant business insights from our autonomous StoryCards™, prioritized by business impact. Consume insights in an intuitive & engaging way to get from the what to key drivers with just a glance.

Get all business insights from our autonomous StoryCards, prioritized by business impact.


Key driver analysis

Automated key driver analysis to understand the Why. Get instant information on the contributors that effected the change in business.

Access low level opportunities and risks in a single click.


Forecast Business Impact

An intuitive, on-demand KPI forecaster you can rely on. Also perform scenario analysis to determine what levers to change to achieve required business goals. Data driven confidence to effect better future business outcome

Understand key drivers that explains the unusual patterns in your business.

From Business Intelligence to Augmented Intelligence

With conventional BI, your analysts PULL insights from multiple dashboards. DataGenie autonomously PUSHes insights directly to your Business Users.

Easily Fits into your data infrastructure

DataGenie connects to the same data sources your conventional BI tool connects to. DataGenie delivers insights in its portal and to your downstream tools like Slack, JIRA, PagerDuty

Adapts to your business

DataGenie learns business context from your analyst as a one time brain dump, learns from your historical data and replicates the analysts work at scale. Insights are prioritized based on business impact.


DataGenie is ISO 27001 certified. Its secure by design and does not store your raw data


Contextual & self-service
that your team
can appreciate & act upon

DataGenie makes the "Power of Now" an absolute reality for your business users. With one time analyst involvement, DataGenie learns your use case, and replicates the analyst's work at scale. Move from a Data Driven Business to an Insights Driven Business by choosing DataGenie!



Prioritized insights for insight-driven teams

Operational Savings

Examples of Dollar Savings

As reported by our customers.



As we expanded the use of an advanced cloud based BI tool, we also needed to expand our team of analysts. DataGenie enabled us to scale our breadth and depth of Analytics faster by dramatically reducing the human effort involved, freeing up our skilled analysts from mundane & repetitive BI work.

Kshitij Kumar
Ex-Chief Digital Officer, Farfetch

"DataGenie stands out in its approach to Augmented Analytics by effectively retaining what’s working well in conventional BI and revamping what’s broken. This combined with a great Ux enabled easier user adoption & growth of DataGenie at Farfetch. Data onboarding is swift and seamless, delivering actionable KPI insights autonomously in no time"

Ankit Agarwal
Head of Data Science, Farfetch


The Magic of
Data + AI + Humans

DataGenie works right out of the box with minimal and only the most critical human inputs. Getting started with DataGenie is like plugging a cord into a socket. With just a simple connection, businesses gain access to a powerful and reliable source of data insights that can help them grow. It's akin to turning on a switch and instantly having the energy to drive your business forward.

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DataGenie learns the KPIs and business context from your business analyst



DataGenie analyzes historical data & learns the metrics and their inherent relationships


Business analyst tunes the weights in DataGenie for the story prioritization


Insights on Auto-Pilot delivered directly to Business Users

Experience to Believe!

DataGenie is designed to deliver value to businesses of all size
and shape. Go ahead, reserve a FREE trial and see it in action.

We cannot wait to show you what we have!
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