OnDemand Forecasting

Datagenie’s forecasting is completely automated and with just a click, you can generate accurate predictions for any key metric, without needing any knowledge of data science or machine learning. Our algorithms have been benchmarked for accuracy, achieving up to 94.72% in multiple business use cases and our constantly evolving and getting better over time. The forecasting module is extremely flexible, allowing you to generate forecasts for any period of time, be it revenue growth, sales growth, compute costs estimate, or inventory capacity forecasting. But it doesn't stop there! Our forecasting feature is also capable of accepting external influences or factors that drive your metrics, giving you an even more accurate and comprehensive view of your business's future.

Features Break down

Dynamic Forecasting
Forecast for any existing KPI or upload data you would like to forecast.


Ability to forecast for any granularity & future periods. Apart from the available influencers - add external influencer values to further enhance your forecasts.

Deeply Integrated with Scenario Analysis
All the forecasts generated can be enhanced with our Scenario Analysis module where one can simulate growth and get an instant analysis on a detailed action plan to achieve it.


General - Possibility of achieving targets in Q1?

Precise financial forecasting is crucial to determine future trends in revenue and expenses and their influence on a company's objectives. Business leaders who are aware of the possibility of not meeting their targets can take corrective actions to ensure the organization's triumph. DataGenie's advanced forecasting algorithms provide accurate predictions of future financial metrics, empowering executives to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Retail - What is the expected demand for mobiles for the upcoming Black Friday sale?  

Accurately predicting demand for products during the busy holiday season is crucial for retailers to ensure they have enough inventory on hand and are prepared to meet customer demand. With DataGenie's forecasting module, retailers can confidently plan for sales like Black Friday by generating accurate predictions for product demand based on historical data and external factors. This helps retailers optimize inventory, avoid stock outs, and ensure customer satisfaction even during one of the busiest shopping events of the year.

FinOps - Estimated computing costs for next month?

Businesses rely on efficient and cost-effective compute infrastructure to operate their services and applications. Accurately forecasting compute costs can be a complex and time-consuming task for IT teams, who have to balance the needs of the business with budgetary constraints. With DataGenie's Autonomous Forecast, IT teams can easily generate accurate and reliable predictions for compute costs for the upcoming month.

Telco - Predict the network traffic for the coming week?  

A Telco provider's aim is to deliver uninterrupted voice, data, Internet, and content services to all subscribers. Accurately forecasting network demand is essential to provide high-quality services while also keeping operational and investment costs under control. With DataGenie's Autonomous Forecast module, we can make informed decisions regarding network dimensioning and planning based on accurate and reliable predictions of network demand in both the short and long term.

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