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Are you tired of sifting through mountains of customer data and network performance metrics? Say goodbye to manual analysis and hello to DataGenie! With DataGenie, you can unlock valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, as well as network performance and service quality. Identify at-risk customer segments and take proactive measures to retain them. Optimize network performance and allocate resources more efficiently. Detect fraud and revenue leakage, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. It's time to take your CSP game to the next level with analytics.

Traditional Analytics vs DataGenie

In the fast-paced world of business, conventional BI tools can pose a major hurdle for CSPs. They simply can't keep up with the sheer volume and complexity of data being generated, leaving analysts and IT departments struggling to make sense of it all. This leads to delays in decision-making and missed opportunities.

Our experts have identified the limitations of traditional BI tools:

  • Data analysts are continuously working on creating dashboards/reports, continuously monitoring them to identify issues, and to identify key drivers behind issues. Many of these are done manually with inefficiencies cropping at every stage. This process is exhaustive, time consuming, error prone and not scalable to business needs on the fly.
  • This limits the number of analytics use cases serviced by the analyst teams
  • The business users are not data savvy and hence end up relying on the analysts for any detailed analysis, thereby significantly prolonging the time to action/decisions.

At DataGenie, we understand the challenges CSPs face when it comes to data analysis. With this as our vision to empower businesses, we have developed a solution that addresses these issues head-on.

Monitor your Business with DataGenie

While there are plenty of use cases that DataGenie can offer a CSP, we are highlighting a few important and essential ones here.

Customer Experience Monitoring

Track service KPIs using CDR and Network Probes data to identify issues like voice quality, one-way calls, coverage, unexpected call drops, data throughput, and more. DataGenie triages these issues by identifying drivers like handset brand/model/SVN, protocol, etc.

Network Performance Monitoring

Track network KPIs for accessibility, retainability, mobility, integrity, availability & utilization across billions of data points to identify critical issues impacting your network performance in a timely manner.

Wi-Fi Performance Analytics

Identify Access Points (Wi-Fi Routers) that require attention by detecting coverage, transmit power, interference, congestion, RRM, and client issues.

Customer Care Analytics

Continuously track your customer care calls, to identify patterns in them, so that you can proactively arrest emerging issues. Prevent a flurry of in-bound calls by sending timely outbound messages to impacted customers. Furthermore, proactive customer care staffing can be made possible by forecasting an increase in call volumes.

Revenue Assurance & Network Planning

Gain deeper insights into customer SLA breaches, estimate consumption trends to allocate network resources for future load.

ARPU Optimization

Upsell and cross sell additional services by understanding consumer usage patterns across services to enhance ARPU.

Reverse Logistics

Analyze handset return patterns to negotiate handset prices and service contracts with OEMs.


Actionable insights into cloud usage expenses, allowing you to proactively identify and optimize resource utilization.

How DataGenie drives business growth

DataGenie uses AI and automation to keep tabs on crucial company KPIs and alert decision makers to any changes via actionable "Story Cards" that detail the reason for the change. We connect to the same data stores that conventional BI tools like Tableau, Power BI etc. connect to – so there is no new data preparation required.

  • Analysts get involved only during the onboarding of use cases onto DataGenie. They help configure the mission-critical KPIs along with domain specific know-how for the system to autonomously learn and uncover hidden insights.
  • DataGenie takes over from here to continuously and autonomously monitor the KPIs. Anomalies and outliers are detected along with the drivers that influenced them, while also identifying other impacted KPIs. All the insights are presented in a simple and intuitive StoryCard format that lets the business users consume them directly for immediate actions/decisions.
  • The StoryCards are self-explanatory, providing both horizontal and vertical analysis. The Horizontal outlining the KPIs that were impacted and the vertical providing a heatmap of all the drivers pertinent to a selected KPI. This reduces the business user dependency on analysts that can reduce the time to action, significantly.
  • Analysts now create more value for the business by identifying other mission-critical use cases that can be on boarded onto DataGenie.

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Make the orbital shift from BI to AI (Augmented Intelligence). Automate your complex data story generation to understand key business drivers, and to identify meaningful insights.

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