Data Analytics at your fingertips

Your one-stop analytics workspace for even the most complex use cases. With just a few clicks, you can compare your key metrics, drill down into multiple dimensions, and gain insights that would have taken hours or days to generate manually.

With DataGenie's Explorer, you no longer need to spend hours training models or analyzing data manually in Excel sheets. DataGenie's anomaly detection module automatically generates anomalies and highlights them on the explorer. You'll be able to quickly identify trends and patterns in your data, and take action to address any issues or capitalize on opportunities.

The Explorer's cross-dataset feature comes in handy when you want to perform any kind of cross-domain analysis. You can seamlessly integrate multiple data sources and gain a comprehensive view of your business, without having to switch between different tools or platforms.

Automated Anomaly Detection

With DataGenie, users can focus on analyzing data rather than figuring out the best model to detect anomalies. The multi-granular feature allows you to analyze data at different levels of detail, from high-level summaries to granular details. This gives you a comprehensive understanding of your business from multiple perspectives, allowing you to make informed decisions.

DataGenie not only detects anomalies but also groups similar anomalies together to generate concise story cards.

The Explorer module also supports drill-down analysis, giving you the flexibility to explore your data in greater detail. Whether you need to analyze data from multiple perspectives or quickly identify anomalies and take action, DataGenie's Explorer module has got you covered.

Understand KPI Correlation

You can now understand how your KPIs get influenced by other KPIs and to what extent. You can use any KPI configured as the underlying driver for any other KPI to analyze drivers better.

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