Current Challenges
with BI

BI Tools Are Stuck in the Past like a broken gramophone record, providing the same worn-out reports and visuals. Advanced tools in this space require specialist knowledge, coding, and knowledge of modeling techniques, which make them reserved for a select few. DevelopingAI/ML models manually for a growth-phase business is next to impossible. Business users are left high and dry without timely insights that can help them gain momentum in business performance.


Dashboards Can’t Tell You Why Things Change

Dashboards play a crucial role in analytics by providing an overview of standard metrics derived from aggregated data. However, they are limited in their ability to answer follow-up questions, such as identifying the root cause of a problem or suggesting actionable steps to improve performance.

With new ad hoc questions cropping often, business users typically seek assistance from their analyst team. These teams often resort to manual drill-down techniques to collate multiple reports, to slice and dice data or relying on visual analysis (and fallacious human intuitiveness). However, analyzing large datasets using these methods can be challenging, as it can be hard to distinguish meaningful patterns from unrelated data. Consequently, crucial insights may be overlooked, or the analysis may focus solely on familiar subsets of data and known insights.


  • Legacy architecture’s limitations to scale and analyze millions/billions of records. 
  • Business users wait for data experts to prepare and share reports.
  • Time squandered between business users and analysts, in getting the necessary answers for anomalies and outliers in the reports.
  • Answer pre-defined questions, known patterns using traditional query and analysis methods.
  • Change in metrics go undeducted when limited by manual and visual analysis techniques.

Time for Change.
Time to embrace DataGenie augmented analytics to uncover insights across all your data.

DataGenie uses AI and automation as a force multiplier to democratize insights use, and breakthrough siloed domain knowledge, making it easily accessible to business users across the entire organization.

“DataGenie augments business users with the power of 100 analysts!”

Automation and AI, exponentially scale the ability to uncover insights, unleashing the true power in priceless data assets, while simplifying the entire insight extraction process. Designed to enhance the field of vision, intelligently baselining data, and mining unseen patterns, DataGenie transforms the way insights are generated and consumed within organizations.


DataGenie empowers businesses to autonomous insight-driven decision-making at scale. DataGenie provides a user-friendly interface for business teams to consume insights and ask questions that otherwise requires the expertise of a data analyst. At the same time, offering the power and flexibility required by data experts.

Key features include, but not limited to, the following:

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Make the orbital shift from BI to AI (Augmented Intelligence).
Automate your complex data story generation to understand key
business drivers, and to identify meaningful insights.

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